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GolfBoards To Surf The Fairways of Crumpin-Fox Club

Crumpin-Fox Club is very pleased to announce we have taken delivery of 5 GolfBoards – the PGA of America’s Best New Product for golf for 2014.

The GolfBoard has its roots in surfing and snowboarding. Built specifically for golf from the ground up, the GolfBoard is a four-wheel-drive, gear-driven, posi-traction golf transport vehicle. The user is always in full control of both the speed and direction of the board. The thumb throttle controls the speed of the GolfBoard, while the user controls the direction through body movement. It is as intuitive to operate as it is fun to ride.

Crumpin-Fox is extremely excited to be the first public access golf facilities in the North East to offer GolfBoards for rent. It is safe, fun alternative to using a golf cart, and easy for everyone to learn. Golf will never be the same after using the GolfBoard. All it takes is a few minutes of training before heading out to the first tee.

Having already been featured by media outlets such as Golf Digest, Fox News, CNBC Squawkbox, Bloomberg, and Golf Channel, the popularity of GolfBoard is soaring to new heights and new clubs are taking fleet deliveries nationwide. According to Stina Sternberg, Global Golf Director for Golf Digest, “If every golf course offered GolfBoards, golf would be the most popular sport in the world.”

Unlike some of the other latest innovations geared toward generating renewed interest in the game GolfBoards change the experience of the golf course, without interfering with the spirit and traditions of the game. Golf is still golf. Crumpin-Fox Club Head Professional Michael Zaranek agrees, “I don’t think it takes away from the traditions of golf,” he said. “I see it as a version of walking. I still love playing golf with a caddie and walking, and in some ways this brings that back. But it’s definitely faster than walking.”

The GolfBoard moves just under speed of a golf cart—up to 10 miles an hour. “If you got a foursome out early on them, they could play 18 holes in three hours,” explains Zaranek. “You’re getting from Point A to Point B faster, and unlike a cart, you’re only worried about your ball.”

“It’s a great alternative for those with back issues who can be bothered by sitting in a cart,” said Zaranek “I think those who need to take carts due to knee or back injuries will love it. It’s a great way to get around, and it will eliminate some of that joint pain and allow them to play more often.

“It’s kind of like a moving walkway in an airport. You’re just getting pushed along, and if you want to walk faster you can, added Zaranek. “They can go anywhere a pull cart can go.”

Since it’s the latest technological breakthrough, GolfBoards cost slightly more than cart rentals. Crumpin-Fox Clubs charges $40 for general public and $30 for a member to rent a golf board for 18 holes. However the club feels that the added fun, pace-of-play, and other benefits the GolfBoard brings to your round will be worth it to many people.

For more information about renting a GolfBoard for your next round at Crumpin-Fox please contact us: or 413-648-9101. If you think you’d like to try a golf board we recommend watching this quick training video and signing the required waiver by clicking here.

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